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Executive Team

Chris Martin, Chief Executive Officer

As Verselus’ CEO and co-founder, Chris is a seasoned industrial automation executive with extensive global business experience.  

With over 20 years’ experience in the Capital Equipment business, Chris is strategically focused on delivering value to his customers as they look to Verselus for their automation needs.

Chris’ open-minded approach to problem solving and listening to customers’ needs has extended Verselus’ product and technology leadership and created tremendous value for the company. 

Prior to joining Verselus, Chris held executive management positions at Xyratex and co-founded ZT Automation.

Neil Brumberger, Chief Financial Officer

Neil is Verselus’ CFO and brings over 30 years of solid financial management experience directing the financial strategy of the company.

Neil is committed to maximizing long-term customer value, ensuring a balanced portfolio of growth initiatives, and maintaining the high level of integrity and transparency for which Verselus is known.

Prior to joining Verselus, Neil was the founder of ZT Automation and Applied Robotics Technologies, and held executive management positions at Phase Metrics, Inc.

Troy Kreger, Vice President of Engineering

Troy is Verselus’ Vice President of Engineering and has broad experience in product development, deep technology expertise, and is a seasoned executive adept at leading engineering and research and development organizations.

Troy is a strong Systems Engineer whose background is in robotics and automation software.  In addition to leading the conceptual and detailed design of Verselus’ solutions, he is also responsible for architecting the software at the heart of Verselus’ innovative products.

Prior to joining Verselus, Troy held senior management roles at Xyratex, ZT Automation, Omron-Adept, and Ingersoll Rand.

Butch Adrian, Vice President of Sales

Butch is Verselus’ Vice President of Sales and Business Development who brings several decades of sales, marketing, and business development experience to Verselus.

Butch is responsible for sales, customer development, growth initiatives, and investments in strategic alliances across the globe.  He has deep expertise in building strategic business relationships, and his passion for customer success is the foundation of the culture for the Sales organization.

Prior to his current role, Butch held senior management positions at Seagate, Xyratex, Qcept Technologies, and KLA-Tencor Corporation.

Bryan Clark, Chief Technology Officer

Bryan brings 36 years of experience in optical recording, optical testing and test system development.

With over 30 patents, Bryan brings his curiosity and focus to creating new and merging existing technologies to provide complete systems solutions to automation and test technology.

Prior to joining Verselus, Bryan was the founder of Beyond3 Optics and ZTek, as well as co-founder of ZT Automation.

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