Technologies & Solutions

Verselus offers a breadth of experience and depth of knowledge, which allows us to design and offer a range of industry-leading equipment engineered to maximize throughput while lowering total cost of ownership.

Our automation and robotics skills (shown below), combined with strategic thinking and a drive to deliver elegant solutions, allow us to deliver strong customer results in a quantifiable manner:

Precision Mechanical Design (Optical-Mechanical, Precision Instruments, and Mechanisms)

Robotics, Automation (Cartesian, SCARA, Articulated, and Fixed)

Customized Manufacturing Tools (to Customer Specific Process and Equipment Requirements)

Factory Layout/Process Simulation (Area to Factory Layouts, Discrete Event Process, and Equipment Simulation)

AIA Certified Machine Vision Professionals (Verification, Inspection, Metrology and Vision Guidance)

Factory Control Software (Full Factory Material Flow with Interface to Customer MES, FIS, SECS/GEM, and API)

Automation and Line Control Software (Single Cell Controller to Full Line Control)

Design for Manufacturing/Automation (Product Design Support Required to Implement Reliable and Robust Solutions)

SEMI, Safety, Ergonomics (Design Compliance with SEMI, NFPA, ANSI/RIA, NEC, and CE as Required)

Controls Engineering (Discrete, Centralized, Distributed, and Embedded)

Cleanroom Equipment Design (All Cleanliness Levels to ISO Class 3)

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